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Here is the best approximation of what we are doing for Carnival, if you want to come and find us:

13February: in front of Zack's Famous Frozen Yogurt
Cleopatra at 6:30

Saint Valentine's Day: in front of Zack's again
Choctaw at 11:30
Adonis at noon

Alla at 11:30
possibly Nemesis at 2pm \ more likely Aquarium of Americas

Tropical Isle
Second Skin

NOMTOC at 10:45 Holiday Drive near Copernicus Street
Endymion [Kid Rock] at 4:15 Orleans Avenue neutral ground around North Alexander Street

22February: Napoleon Avenue neutral ground between Chestnut Street and Coliseum Street
Okeanos at 11am
Mid-City at 11:45
Thoth at noon
grilling a late lunch
Bacchus [Val Kilmer] at 5:15

Lundi Gras
Audubon Zoo at 10am
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